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Helping Business Owners Achieve Business Success and Life Balance Together

Are you looking for expert and relevant guidance?
Let us bring that expertise to you!

Have you wished for time to strategically work on developing your business but haven't found the time?  We will make it easy for you!

Get to Know Us

The Bradford Area Alliance is launching a new 9-month entrepreneurial program to help you realize more success and achieve life balance by overcoming your specific business challenges. These challenges may include increasing profits, succession planning, developing your workforce, access to capital, growing sales and/or marketing to name a few. Our Entrepreneurial Leadership Mission (ELM) Accelerator program provides you with the support you need to achieve your goals in a confidential, resourceful and inspiring environment.



We have aptly named our Entrepreneur Leadreship Mission (ELM) Accelerator after the ELM tree, drawing inspiration from its characteristics - its easy to grow, resilient, and is a tolerant tree that will live for 300+ years!

framework for success, 
designed for impact

Our business accelerator program provides both a holistic and customized approach for helping  existing business owners pursue new opportunities, overcome their unique challenges, and realize greater success.


Our Features

Time Invested, Dreams Achieved


Welcome Luncheon
January 4, 2024

The ELM Accelerator Class of 2024 will come together for introductions over lunch. A brief overview of the program will be presented by the Program Director Althea Luehrsen. The luncheon will be held from 12:00-1:00pm on Thursday, January 4, 2024 (location to be announced). 


Business Owner
Renewal Retreat

January 12-13, 2024

This unique opportunity encompasses a two-day retreat hosted at the Beaver Hollow Conference Center ( in Java Center, NY. During this event,participants will undertake both a Hogan Personality Assessment and a DISC Assessment. The event commences on Friday at 8:00 am and concludes by 12:00 pm on Saturday. Overnight lodging is included. All costs are covered as part of your participation in the program. 


Business Mentors & Executive Coaching
Scheduled by Owners

As part of the program, , you'll be connected with seasoned mentors and industry experts who offer invaluable, hands-on guidance and advice, having walked the same path as you. Your mentor will provide monthly one-on-one support for the entire program duration. Additionally, you'll benefit from two individual coaching sessions with a certified Executive Leadership Coach included in the program.


Forum & Clinic Sessions
January 25 - August 29

Sixteen sessions will be held two times per month (on average). Sessions will be held on Thursday evenings from January thru August at the Marilyn Horne Building 1st Floor Conference Center at 2 Marilyn Horne Way in Bradford, PA from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Dinner will be provided starting at 5:00 that we can start promptly at 5:30.


Our sessions promise dynamic engagement, featuring 'Forum Sessions' where you actively discuss key topics with subject matter experts (SMEs) tailored to your needs.  These SMEs are mostly fellow entrepreneurs and business ownesr with real world experience.  Additionally, you will work on a plan with 1-3 priorities that articulates your desired focus while participating in the accelerator program.  'Clinic Presentations' will be conducted by all business owners showcasing their individualized plan, goals, and achievements with supportive peer input. 



JAN: 01/25/24 

FEB: 02/08/24,02/22/24,02/29/24 

MAR: 03/14/24, 03/28/24 

APR: 04/18/24, 04/25/24 

MAY: 05/09/24, 05/23/24 

JUN: 06/06/24, 06/20/24 

JUL: 07/18/24

AUG: 08/01/24



Your Cost,
Your Investment,
Your Success.

The program requires an investment of $50 per month, totaling $500, which covers the cost of the welcome lunch, business owner retreat at Beaver Hollow Conference Facility, mentorship and executive coaching, focus sessions with subject matter experts, and facilitated clinic sessions.


Grant funding opportunities may be available.

Statistic designs


empowering your journey with proven expertise

Althea Luehrsen, Our Program Director

Althea is a seasoned entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in coaching, mentoring, and leadership. She is the founder and owner of August Moon Consulting LLC, a company specializing in Executive Leadership Coaching. In her previous role as CEO of Leadership Buffalo, Althea collaborated with over 2,300 leaders over the past 12 years while also achieving nearly a 100% increase in revenues during her tenure. Prior to this, Althea served as the Executive Director of UB's Center for Entrepreneur Leadership (CEL) for 8 years, where she assisted more than 700 small business owners in fostering growth and achieving success.


ask away, we are here to help



Carolyn Newhouse



Executive Director

Bradford Area Alliance



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Program Application

Please complete the provided form.

Your application will be reviewed to ensure participants are not in direct competition with one another.  


Please apply early.  This program is limited to 15 non-competing participants. 

An email will be sent to all applicants aknowledging application submittal.  Interview will be scheduled promptly. 

All applicants will receive an additional email notification upon acceptance into the program.

Thanks for submitting!

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