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'Best in Bradford' Video competition

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Let's show everyone how much Bradford has to offer!

The #BestInBradfordPA video campaign will be a video competition open to active University of Pittsburgh at Bradford & Bradford Area High School students where participants will create a video up to 2 minutes long highlighting Bradford's brightest qualities.


Prizes - What Will You Win?

The top 3 videos will be ranked and awarded Visa Gift Cards in amounts of $500-1st Place; $200-2nd Place; $100-3rd Place

The winner will be chosen on April 22nd, 2022 and will be contacted by Facebook/Facebook Messenger

Video Guidelines

Video Guidelines
  1. Create a short video showcasing the admirable & positive qualities of Bradford, PA.  

  2. The length of each video must be 2 minutes at the longest.

  3. All Pitt-Bradford and Bradford Area High School students are eligible to participate.

  4. Participants are encouraged to be creative in showing what they feel are the best aspects of Bradford, PA and our surrounding areas.

  5. All footage included in video submissions should be captured within the city of Bradford, PA and our surrounding areas.

  6. All videos must be submitted BEFORE April 22nd, 2022

Submissions should NOT include:

  • Vulgarity/Profanity

  • Nudity

  • Personal Information (home address, cell phone number, etc.)

  • Inauthentic Engagement (purchasing likes, comments, views)

Any violations of these guidelines may result in your submission being disqualified from the competition as decided by the judging committee.



Participants can submit their work by completing the following:

  1. The completed video should be posted to a personal Facebook page with the hashtag #BestInBradfordPA & #BradfordStrong​​.

  2. Then, post the video directly to the Bradford Area Alliance Facebook Page, using the hashtags #BestInBradfordPA & #BradfordStrong.

Ideas for topics:

  • Your favorite local business

  • Your favorite location in town

  • A local event/attraction

  • Outdoor recreation activities (hiking, biking, local trails)

  • Any hobbies or activities done in town

  • Historical information about something interesting in town

Remember, all videos should be made with the intention of showcasing the positive aspects that Bradford, PA has to offer! Be creative and authentic with your submissions - have fun with it !


By submitting to the 'Best in Bradford' competition, you are granting ownership of the submitted video to the Bradford Area Alliance for potential future use.

All submissions must be posted before April 22nd, 2022.



We have all been there. Sometimes you just want to talk to someone.


For specific questions about the 'Best in Bradford' Video Competition: 

Andrew Truman

Business Associate/Project Manager

Bradford Area Alliance

PO Box 1201

Bradford, PA 16701

Phone:  1-814-598-7774



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Interested participants are encouraged to re-visit the FAQ section as it will be updated periodically based on various questions posed throughout the process.


Q: Where do I go to submit my video ?

A: Upload your video via a public Facebook post to the Bradford Area Alliance site - make sure to tag the Bradford Area Alliance Facebook page, as well as use the hashtags #bestinbradfordpa & #bradfordstrong in your post.

Q: When is the submission deadline?

A: April 22nd.

Q: How is the winner determined?

A: Each video will be judged by a three member panel based on quality, authenticity, and engagement. Winners will be announced and reached out to on April 22nd regarding receiving their prize.

Q: How long should my submission be?

A: Up to 2 minutes in length.

Q: What should my video be about?

A: Something that you enjoy/appreciate about the city/township of Bradford, PA or any local attractions found on the Tuna Valley or Kinzua Trail systems.

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