Bradford living competition


Let's show everyone how much Bradford has to offer!

The #BradfordLiving Video campaign will be a video competition open to the public where participants will create a short video about the parts of living Bradford.


Prizes - What Will You Win?

The winner of each month will receive a $250 Gift Card from the Bradford Chamber of Commerce.

The winner will be chosen the first week in July and will be contacted by phone or email.

Video Guidelines

  1. Create a short video showcasing the best part(s) about living in Bradford.  

  2. The length of each video must be at least 30 seconds long.

  3. All local residents are able to participate.

  4. Participants are encouraged to be creative in showing what they feel are the best aspects of Bradford. Whether that is through a favorite store on Main Street, restaurant, trail or a tourism destination like the Kinzua Bridge.  Establishing a theme is a great way to tell a story. Although themes are not required, some examples that will create a clear message in a video are outdoor recreation, friends and family, or sense of community.

  5. All footage included in video submissions should be captured within the City of Bradford and surrounding areas: Foster Brook, Lewis Run, and Lafayette County.  In addition to tourism and recreation areas like Allegheny National Forest, Kinzua Bridge, and other local state parks.

  6. All videos must be submitted on or before the deadline of June 31, 2020

  7. Please follow the local COVID-19 guidelines.



Participants can submit their work in one of two ways.

  1. The completed video can be uploaded to a personal YouTube page with the hashtag #BradfordLiving and submit the provided YouTube link through the submission form located below. 

   2. The completed video can be sent by email. All email                       submissions should be sent to:


       Carolyn Boser Newhouse

       Executive Director

       Bradford Area Alliance


Please include the following in your email submission:

  • Name:  First, Last Name

  • Contact:  Email, Phone

  • Birthday: 00/00/0000

  • Video file

All submissions must be sent by June 31, 2020.

Enter Submission Here

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Thanks for submitting!



This competition is open to all full-time, part-time, past or present residents of Bradford and the surrounding area.

Contacts - Who Should I Talk To?


We have all been there. Sometimes you just want to talk to someone.


For specific questions about the Bradford Living Video Competition:

Carolyn Boser Newhouse

Executive Director

Bradford Area Alliance

PO Box 1201

Bradford, PA 16701

Phone:  1-814-598-1519



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Interested participants are encouraged to re-visit the FAQ section as it will be updated periodically based on various questions posed throughout the process.


I live outside of the Bradford area, can I participate? 

Yes. We encourage the residents of the surrounding area to submit a video. Including Foster Township, Lafayette Township, Custer City, and Lewis Run. 

I am a student and have a great idea. Can I apply?

Yes!  All ages are welcome to participate.


What if I'm not familiar with YouTube. Can I submit my video elsewhere?

Yes. We understand that not everyone knows how to upload a video to YouTube. You can submit your video by email. Please refer to the submission section above. 


What if I'm not an experienced videographer? Can I use my phone?

That's okay! We want to see everyone's perspective on why Bradford is a great place to live. Professional equipment is not required to create a video, your phone will do just fine.

Can I include Allegheny National Park in my video?

Absolutely! ANF is one of the many aspects of what makes Bradford living so enjoyable. Please feel free to use the many outdoor recreational locations in the surrounding area. Such as Allegheny National Forest, Kinzua Bridge, Allegheny State Park, and Willow Bay.