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LEadership MckeaN (RFP)


(Contracted; Part/Time)

​The Leadership McKean Board (“Board”) seeks proposals/responses from interested and qualified individuals to provide EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR SERVICES in support of leading, administering, and further developing the Leadership McKean (“LM”) program in 2020-21.  The individual serving in this capacity will report directly to the Board and will serve as an Independent Contractor (“Contractor”). 


The contract will serve for a 12-month period from August 1 2020 – July 31 2021 with the Board’s option to renew the contract annually. Ideally, the Board seeks continuity in working with the same Contractor long-term.  The contract may be terminated where both parties agree and where the moving party provides a four (4) week notice to the non-moving party.


For more than 12 years, Leadership McKean, a 501(c)(3) organization, has been committed to building leadership and strengthening community. The mission of LM is to develop informed and involved community leaders through a comprehensive, county-wide personal and professional enrichment program.

With over 200 graduates, this successful civic and personal development program boasts a legacy of leaders.  The program has also realized success through the many community projects that have come to fruition and continue on today; this is in addition to the many innovative ideas that have been generated to help our community.  Seth McClymonds, LM Chair states “While this program has realized success through committed participants, strong LM Board leadership, continuous business and industry support and administrative support from the Bradford Area Chamber, the communities in our county continue to face many critical challenges.   LM is looking to help address those challenges by expanding the program and by serving as a catalyst to more positive change.” 

Leadership McKean is looking towards the future to grow LM to include the following:

  • Become enlightened through Leadership McKean CORE Existing program of 20-25 established and emerging leaders looking to enhance their leadership abilities and gain a deeper understanding of McKean County’s challenges and opportunities.  Participants attend nine all-day events (one Friday a month from October to June).   The current program costs employers $825/pp.

  • Remain engaged through Leadership McKean RE-VISITED / Alumni Proposed program designed as a follow-up to the CORE program where participants can attend key leadership sessions to delve deeper into their own professional development and how their leadership style can impact the future of our communities, as well as, fun opportunities to re-unite and network!   These quarterly sessions may be open to the broader community to serve as recruitment for LM in general.

Scope of Services

The Board seeks proposals for a part-time Executive Director position responsible for creating, executing, overseeing and expanding the LM program.  Specifically, the Executive Director will oversee the existing CORE program while concurrently developing alumni engagement opportunities.  The Board envisions this growth in program scope to be a multi-year effort. 

Time Commitment

The time commitment is estimated to be flexible 8-12 hours per week but may be determined by the needs and growth of the program.  Most time spent will be during business hours.   The CORE program occurs from 8:00-5:00 pm one Friday of the month from Oct to June and requires the Executive Director’s onsite presence. Occasional work will be after business hours.  

Scope of Work

With direction from the Board, the Executive Director will,


Develop Funding / Fund Development

  • Create and execute plan to achieve desired revenues to support the strategic direction of the organization and fund the Executive Director.  The CORE program will provide a base compensation of $15,000.


Provide Marketing & Promotion

  • Develop and execute communication and marketing plan that maximizes public awareness on the value of the LM program, as well as, increases online presence.


Perform Recruitment

  • Identify and recruit individual prospects for LM program participation.   This is a team effort with Board support as well.

  • Process, review, interview, and qualify candidates / applicants for various LM programs. 

  • Facilitate acceptance procedure.


Administer Program / Event Planner

  • Identify, schedule, prepare and support quarterly Board meetings. Provide meeting minutes and necessary reports.

  • Schedule, coordinate and administer the various LM program, including, but not limited to, timely communication with participants, collection and distribution of program materials, venue coordination, coordination for food orders / catering, etc. 

  • Collect and assess session evaluations.

  • Perform other duties as assigned by Board’s Executive Committee.



The expectations for knowledge, skills and competencies needed for this position are the following:

  • Ability to lead a diverse group of participants to achieve successful outcomes.

  • Experience collaborating with various levels of stakeholders, as well as leadership qualities that can keep diverse stakeholders engaged and contributing.

  • Understanding of the various needs of our county.

  • Ability to successfully coordinate events and meetings.

  • Ability to manage budgets.

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.

  • Demonstrated Fund Raising and/or Grant Writing

  • Education & Experience:  Must have at least a Bachelor’s Degree, in conjunction with experience in a principal role in convening community groups to successfully reach specified goal(s).

Proposal Requirements

Submittals to this Request for Proposal (RFP) should include the following:

  1. Contact Information including name, address, email and phone.

  2. Statement on your desire and interest in this opportunity.

  3. Resume with brief description on experience of a relevant nature.

  4. Compensation for this position will be directly commensurate with the Executive Director’s ability to generate revenues through program participation and growth.  Understanding that this is a part-time position with a BASE compensation, please provide comments relative to ability to generate revenues (and thus, compensation) for performing the work described in the RFP.


Responses should be directed

to Leadership McKean President:

Seth A. McClymonds, Jr

2 Laurel Drive

Bradford PA


Office:  1-814-362-3584

Any questions should be directed to the contact above via email.  All responses will be reviewed by the LM Executive Committee. Responses should be received via email no later than July 20, 2020 at 5:00pm.